We provide replacement (on campus) field trips amid coronavirus scare.

Who knew that 2020 would bring with it a pandemic that would limit public gatherings, including scheduled field trips for hundreds of school-aged children across California? According to the organizers of the Leaders in Life Conference scheduled for today in Bakersfield: “KCSOS administration informed us that the Governor has issued a ban on all large gatherings to contain the spread of the coronavirus,” which led to a cancellation of an amazingly fun conference where WE were giving a workshop!

California is using an abundance of caution to protect the spread of the disease, but that means hundreds of kids won’t get their yearly field trips.

We come to you.

I’ve always described Schoolhouse Escapes as an “on-campus field trip” because it’s certainly as FUN as the off campus kind, except with us, the kids don’t need permission slips and schools don’t need to hire bus drivers. But now, in light of the newest crowd gathering limitations instituted by the State of California, our games are one of the only options for schools who want to provide an educational but FUN and safe experience for their students.

We conduct the games in a classroom on your campus, and we have the capacity to do one to two grade levels per day. Your kids never leave their schools, but the FUN level makes them feel as if they did. Please read our reviews HERE.

If this is you, and your school must cancel a field trip, please email us HERE or call us or use social media to reach out to us so we can work something out for your students.

Please let me know if we can help.


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