Well, besides reeling.

Like everyone else (on the planet), we are trying to grasp the Covid-19 crisis from a personal standpoint–how to keep our aging relatives safe, how to keep ourselves from getting it, figuring out how long will we need to isolate before being with our families again.

With Zoom meetings and FaceTime calls, most of that can be accomplished, but what about work? From a business standpoint, I am worried about our employees, what I can do to compensate the income they would have made this spring before the schools shut down indefinitely. As the owner, their well-being weighs on me. Their loyalty weighs on me. I think about them more than they know.

I think about our schools, our tiny clients and their teachers, who we will be missing the rest of the school year, hoping they are doing well and knowing that everything is going to be okay. I think about the schools we served already this year, and I am praying that the beloved principals we’ve gotten to know are doing ok and knowing our hearts and prayers are with them constantly.

And I’m building the next game. To be honest, it takes a lot more motivation today than it normally does. Realizing that I have the rest of the summer to finish Spies (!!!), I may be dragging my feet a little. I’m baking more than I’m building (I have no idea why–I’m a terrible baker). I give cookies away by the dozens. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t even like to bake!

But today I’m back in the saddle in my newly renovated office, and I’m going to use this rainy day to write some more of the spies game. The story is with the illustrator already, and I will give you a sneak peek here of the anticipated cover art.

I’m in a bit of a predicament. I wrote the book in December and sent it off to the illustrator long before any news of the Coronavirus hit the United States. Developing the story is generally the first stage in writing a new game for SHE; the book becomes the immersive “backstory” that gives the students a narrative about their mission, then it helps direct me what props to purchase. Although there are some fun twists and turns, the spies story I wrote is about a *computer virus* attacking the United States. Not the Coronavirus. Shown here is the working cover art. I’m thinking it may need a new title now. What do you think?

I’ll likely rename it — maybe include the word “computer” in the title because that’s the type of virus in the story.

Wow. What a turn of events.

So, off I go to write the newest game. If you have any requests or ideas for an upcoming module, please send me a note on a pigeon. I’d love to hear from you. I also plan on hiring for the fall season, so if you know someone who wants to be a part of this growing, loving family of educators and entertainers, please send them my way.

And we know this. We serve a mighty God, who is always in control and is always good. We know He will find a way to make us all better as a result of what is happening — not just in our country — in the entire world. May God keep you tightly in His arms and comfort everyone who needs it. Until we see you again, will will miss you all.


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