Along with every other business, we are holding staff meetings online, which is nice because it was likely the first time I had done my hair in four weeks. Like so many others, Schoolhouse Escapes is in limbo waiting for the schools to open again, but because they are closed until the fall, we are off work for the foreseeable future.

However, I wanted to hold this staff meeting for a few reasons. I wanted to update everyone on the status of our government loan and give them ideas on what they can be doing now and through the summer to continue being paid.

  1. Your first paycheck is because you’re all so pretty. (I would pay them even if they were ugly… but look at them. They are beautiful.)
  2. Your second paycheck is for giving me a headshot and bio to use on the company website.
  3. Your next paycheck will be for helping organize the office, help with Spies, or help with advertising.

All those “jobs” are simply to give them a reason why I will be paying all of them the salary they would have made in March, April and May. Our busiest season is the spring, so the lockdown is truly affecting the months they would have earned the most money. The stimulus will be enough to cover three months, the length of time we would have worked before summer vacation.

I also wanted to show them all the cool “costumes” we will be wearing when we start running our Spies game next school year and update them on how the game differs from the others. We keep improving the game design, and for “The 1776 Code” (changed the name of the book), the resetters will wear a costume and have a role to play with the students.

We miss working. We miss seeing all the students and teachers with whom we’ve developed a relationship. And we miss the opportunity to bring SO much educational fun to schools that have never experienced one of our games. We are using this free time wisely, though (some days, anyway) and will return with ALL THE REASONS why Schoolhouse Escapes will be a better option for a school field trip. (Hint: We bring the fun to where the kids exist every day!)

Stay safe, stay sane, and remember your blessings. I am remembering these beautiful souls today and count them as my blessings.


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