“At its heart STEM is about problem-solving, it’s really for everyone.”

Do you have LCFF, Title 1 funding or STEM money and are having a difficult time finding innovative and creative programs for your students to utilize these funds? Programs that are fun, we mean.

While no two STEM experiences are the same, we are writing new games every day, and every escape game we develop is Common Core standards-based, and the standards we use are primarily math and STEM-friendly. When your students play one of our games, they must solve math-related puzzles that address no fewer than three Common Core math standards (we give you the standards we will be covering ahead of time) and many times include an additional English Language standard, too. They are fun, of course, and the kids don’t realize they are utilizing strategies they’ve been learning all school year in order to solve the puzzles all the way to victory.

We are frequently asked, “What are your prices?” This is the best and most obvious first question a school can ask. However, the answer isn’t easy because we have different programs developed for schools of all sizes and funding sources.

The funny thing is that we THOUGHT that developing our pricing would be so easy: Create educational games and attach a price tag that includes our staff conducting them on your campus, end of story. But we have been learning that schools have different needs, and our “one size fits all” pricing program may not work with everyone’s budget.

So, we did market research. Luckily for us, most of that research came from schools calling to make a reservation or in talking to administrators in our area. Remember, this company has been in business just shy of a year, so although we are SOLID in knowing what a great product we are bringing our tiny clients, we are still OPEN to adjusting our programs and pricing so that every school can participate.

In a nutshell, Bakersfield — you’re the test group for this amazing new company!

Here’s what we’ve learned so far: Schools receiving LCFF, Title 1 or STEM funding are the most likely to reserve an escape experience for their entire school, while schools without special funding must purchase games one class or one grade level at a time, most likely using PTC funds to pay. For many schools, this makes our escape game field trips unattainable for a LOT of kids. So, we made adjustments.

We now offer a per-student price, so schools can share costs between various sources: PTC, parent partial pay, Title 1 funds, LCFF or STEM funds–just for a few examples.LCFF and Title 1

We don’t post our pricing online, but we welcome your calls, texts, emails, smoke signals, paper airplanes, Post-it notes, bitmojis, or carrier pigeons to ask us ANY question you like. We will even work with your unique budgeting issues to learn how to best bring this amazing new type of field trip to your school. We are hard at work in January hand-delivering these informational materials, so if you’re interested in one… raise your hand! We will be right there!

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