So, here we are: a little, home grown company that began as a tiny idea that grew into a seed and began to germinate after pouring ideas, good favor, love, God, and yes… a lot of money into it…. and we are expanding!

During our initial stages of writing puzzles, trying to get the timing right, adding cool props that would make our games fun for students, while maintaining their educational value, our biggest goal—the proverbial pie-in-the-sky hope and dream for this company—was that one day we would expand into cities on the outskirts of Bakersfield, Calif., where the company was born. We dreamt no further than about 30 minutes outside of town. That’s all.

Even that seemed a lofty goal, as hardly anyone (roughly 90% of people living around us) still had no understanding of escape games. But this year (thanks partly to the new movie), some have at least heard the words escape room, even if they still don’t know what it is. So, although we had a great product, we still had to persuade the first person, first teacher, first principal, first class to TRUST US and let us show them how much fun they will have playing a Schoolhouse Escapes game.

That was just one year ago.

During our travels to conferences, we downplayed our success and evaded probing questions as to HOW and WHAT we do so that no one would “borrow” our ideas before the company was fully developed. We slowwwwwly began revealing what we do (now that everything is trademarked!) and have unintentionally but happily caught the interest of others in the industry who see the value (and FUN!) in what we are bringing to local students. We proudly started pointing out our reviews with slack-jawed amazement that schools REALLY love what we do! So, the question we kept getting was, “Are you franchising?”

Well, the immediate answer to that is NO, but the question did pique our interest enough to at least consider sharing SHE with the rest of the world. Why not take it into other states and let children everywhere participate in their first ever (for most of them) escape game experience? It’s well-developed and well-received; the admins, principals, teachers and students love it here in California–so let’s take this show on the road!

Arizona affiliate schoolhouse escapesFlorida affiliate schoolhouse escapes
Today, we are stunned, thrilled, and amazed to announce our first affiliates have joined Schoolhouse Escapes and will be bringing our games to their cities, too! Today, we welcome Arizona and Florida to the SHE family! These two states will always be near and dear to our hearts, as they were first to jump aboard with passion and faith and are excited to be founding affiliates in a growing list of states lining up to join the fun. They will be traveling to Bakersfield to train their leads and resetters, and then our SHE team will travel to their states, too, to get them started.

Airline miles, anyone?

So, it appears that we will be spending our summer writing modules and prepping our new cities to start their games this fall. We are so excited, blessed, stunned, and delighted to see this wonderful company received so warmly and eagerly.

To book a game or receive more information for one of these states, please visit our Reservations page and click on the link of the city/state closest to where you live.

And to think: Ten months ago, we were concerned about having only 100 Facebook followers. 🙂





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