For most people, spring means a change of weather, the Easter bunny, vacations from school, and one step closer to summer and the end of the school year. For us, it’s our go time, and we are going to focus this blog post on our returning customers.

A returning customer means (in any business) that you did something right the first time you provided your service. For us, it means that our games hit their mark; the students had FUN, the teachers enjoyed watching their students communicate and collaborate with one another, and the administration decided Schoolhouse Escapes was money well spent.

That is a source of pride for us!

So, thank you, to our returning schools. Your trust in us that we will continue to produce quality games will never be taken for granted. We look FORWARD to each time you call and make another reservation because we know you now, we know your school and campus, and we know that you’re having as much fun as we are.

We strive to make each student feel special and smart, each school feel valued and respected, and everyone with whom we come into contact feeling a little better because of our presence. And, judging by the responses we are getting to our end-of-games survey, we are accomplishing a lot of what we are seeking to do.

If you are a new school considering our services, please feel free to contact us by clicking here, and we will provide a list of administrators who have volunteered to speak on our behalf.

Thanks, again, to our returning schools… and to our new schools. We hope you will be returning schools, too.

Our amazing cookie lady made these as a gift to one of our returning schools this winter!

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