We are excited to announce that we are (officially) publishing our books!

Our love of books is likely like yours — any of us on staff would rather be reading a great novel than doing just about anything.

When this company started, we were transitioning from an entertainment background and realized that anything we created had to be fun and immersive. Writing our own stories gave us the freedom and certainty to ensure that we had full control over the quality of the fun we were delivering.

From the onset, we have written our own colorful picture books to augment the games: We believe that immersing the students fully into a detailed story will suspend their disbelief for 60 minutes and increase their motivation and excitement to be a pirate, a scientist, or–in the case of our new and upcoming game–a world famous spy.

Up to now, our focus has been exclusively on the books we need for SHE, but over the summer, we published our first *real* book on Amazon called “The Girls Who Saved Christmas.”

From that effort, we learned two things: We LOVE publishing so much that we started our own imprint (of the same name) and kept writing! Our second lesson was in how well received it would be at the schools we already know and love; turns out that schools teach writing (!!!), and they LOVE when authors come talk about the craft.

Look for an upcoming post with more information on writing and editing for school age children.

Below is our most recent book and our second book. Our next is due to be published this spring.

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