My Kinder students loved every minute of their pirate ship adventure. The skills required to open the locks match what they are learning in class, and it was wonderful to see them put to use. Schoolhouse Escapes is a wonderful activity, and I hope to use this service again in the near future. 

Connie Thompson

Kindergarten, Beardsley School District

Our class had a wonderful experience. The materials were aligned with what we were currently learning in class. It was awesome! Thank you so much!

Mrs. Lopez

4th grade, Beardsley Elementary

The curriculum was delivered in a grade-level appropriate manner. All students, regardless of ability level, were included and important. Just a very well thought-out, engaging program! Can’t wait to see the next one!


4th grade, San Lauren Elementary

The students were very engaged during the process and really enjoyed it!

Ms. Pretty Face

1st grade teacher, Noble School

Bringing a severe special needs Autism class, I was a little hesitant. However, the schoolhouse staff was outstanding! They went above and beyond to meet our students where they are and were extremely patient with all. Thank you for including us.

Mr. Perfect Instructor

Kindergarten, College Heights Elementary

It was a fantastic experience for my students. It offered an authentic application for the skills we have been learning.

Amy Crossley

1st grade, San Lauren Elementary

My Kindergarten class had a blast working through the puzzles with their team mates! They not only had fun but it gave them a chance to build on teamwork skills by working together. Staff was very kind, professional, and energetic for the lesson. It ran smoothly!

Amy Valencia

Kindergarten, Alila School

The presenters were both professional and enthusiastic. They really helped the kids with the puzzles and getting them excited about it. My class enjoyed the experience very much!

Ralph McDonald

5th grade, San Lauren Elementary

My students loved the Escape Room activities. It was challenging yet fun for them. The consultants provided just enough clues when a group got stuck. They were also sensitive to students needs and made sure I was aware of student difficulties. Thank you for coming to our school!

Ms. Super Complimentary

3rd grade, College Heights

Great team of professionals who collected props quickly, and ensured the escape room activities kept moving forward.

Ms. Kind and Professional

6th grade, College Heights

I loved the fact that the math standards that were chosen are some of the higher level basics that they need constant review. They were HIGHLY motivated during our preparation time because they new they need to be able to ESCAPE.

Ms. Best Teacher

5th grade, College Heights

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Ms. Would-be Movie Star

Teacher, School

One of the highlights of my classroom visits this year was the time I spent in a 5th grade classroom watching the students in the Escape Room simulation. Rarely have I seen a whole class so engaged, excited, and motivated. The standards-based content of this activity combined geography, literature and math in a way that our students thoroughly enjoyed, while reinforcing their learning. All the props are so clever and keep the kids’ excitement heightened for the whole simulation. Thanks for sharing the escape room with our students. -Dr. Mary Westendorf, Superintendent

Dr. Mary Westendorf

Superintendent, Fruitvale School District, Bakersfield, Calif.

What a wonderful experience for our students. As the principal I was absolutely amazed at the level of rigor, engagement, and joy all our students experienced. Critical thinking and collaboration at its finest! Our students can’t stop talking about their experience.

Melissa Ruiz

Principal, Alila School

This experience was wonderful for both the students and myself. They were 100% engaged the entire time. The next day I received several emails from parents expressing how excited the kids were when they came home. This program beat all of my expectations.

Magan Gregg

5th grade, Discovery Elementary

My class was completely engaged and enjoying all the aspects of the Schoolhouse Escapes.

Ms. Amazing Instructor

Kindergarten, College Heights Elementary

You guys made it no work for us!!! And kids having fun while doing work is a total win!

Tarrah Gentry

6th grade, Patriot Elementary

It was wonderful! I loved it and my students did too! Such a great experience!

Melissa Oetker

4th grade, Beardsley Elementary

Really great! Educational, fun, and engaging!

Ms. Super Teacher

4th grade, College Heights Elementary

My students loved the escape room! They were only sad that it didn’t last longer.

Terri Jackson

3rd grade, Beardsley Elementary

I believe it was a very exciting way to get the students involved in learning. The children were excited to solve all of the puzzles that they were given. They also worked well together in each of the groups they were placed in. I loved it. I am looking forward for more Schoolhouse Escapes to come back to my school site.

Ms. Ultra Complimentary

Kindergarten, College Heights Elementary

I appreciated that the level of difficulty was just right so the students could feel successful. The pirate theme was awesome.

Ms. Amazing Teacher

Kindergarten, College Heights Elementary

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Ms. Forgot to take the Survey

Teacher, School

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Mr. Rhyme Time

Teacher, School

Even if the experience was only slightly better than going to the dentist, we should know about that.

Ms. Truthful Tina

Teacher, School

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