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boosting student learning through cooperative adventures

• Critical thinking
• Communication
• Collaboration
• Creativity

Designed to Reinforce Common Core Standards

Student led, hands-on problem solving &
Common Core standards-based games

All the Fun of a Field Trip Without Having to Leave School

High energy opportunities for students to practice grade level-acquired knowledge in real world scenarios

We’re zooming~

We’re zooming~

Along with every other business, we are holding staff meetings online, which is nice because it was likely the first time I had done my hair in four weeks. Like so many others, Schoolhouse Escapes is in limbo waiting for the schools to open again, but because they are...

What we are doing…

What we are doing…

Well, besides reeling. Like everyone else (on the planet), we are trying to grasp the Covid-19 crisis from a personal standpoint--how to keep our aging relatives safe, how to keep ourselves from getting it, figuring out how long will we need to isolate before being...

When health concerns cancel your field trip, we come to you

When health concerns cancel your field trip, we come to you

We provide replacement (on campus) field trips amid coronavirus scare. Who knew that 2020 would bring with it a pandemic that would limit public gatherings, including scheduled field trips for hundreds of school-aged children across California? According to the...

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