schoolhouse escapes halloweenSooooo, we’ve been busy this school year already by (surprisingly) adding another new service for our clients! And the best part is, YOU asked for it!

As you may have read in the last blog post, we have recently implemented a good behavior program, which looks something like this:

One class a month (of your choosing) gets treated to a one-hour escape room experience in their own classroom. Ideally, we love giving kids a different atmosphere by using an empty classroom, but most schools don’t have that luxury, so we bring our staff and all of our goodies to setup in the winning classroom while the kids are at recess.

You choose the day and time, and we do the rest!

How you choose the winner is entirely up to each school, but Beardsley Elementary jumped aboard with a great idea: Each class can earn one ticket per day if nobody in their class has a referral and everyone in the class has a “C” or better that day for behavior. Then, all the tickets go into a jar so the principal can pull the winning ticket live during morning announcements (the sound of cheering reverberates the halls!).

Another popular method of utilizing this great incentive is to encourage your students to attend class everyday and be on time! Participating schools are reporting better attendance and increased, but encouraging, positive peer pressure among students are they compete with other classrooms to win the once-monthly escape game.

Then, if you’re a REALLY lucky school (like Beardsley is), you’ll get the occasional freebie! Schoolhouse Escapes is CONSTANTLY developing new games, but just like all live entertainment, we need to get the bugs out before taking our show on the official road, so we “gift” games regularly to schools who are willing to be our very adorable guinea pigs and help us test out new games. This month, it’s Beardsley Jr. High, who has volunteered (most enthusiastically) their 7th graders for the task.

Halloween schoolhouse escapesOur good behavior program is great for two reasons: First, it encourages and rewards good behavior and better attendance, and the kids remind each other to be kind and to do their work. And second, it’s affordable. Some of our schools cannot afford an entire grade level or an entire school, so they don’t think on-campus escape rooms are an option. But THIS program makes them ultra affordable. For a nominal fee, you get to see us once a month, and by the year’s end, up to 10 classes will have “escaped.” It’s a great incentive for the kids.

For more information on pricing, please feel free to contact us any way you’d like. We prefer you send a horse and carriage, but that’s entirely up to you. 😉

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