We finally unpacked our office. This is a sign of progress and a blessing for three reasons. First, it means that we can stop living out of boxes, saying things like, “In which cardboard box are the clocks?” or “The new locks are over there beside the cat litter,” and “I think those cipher wheels are stacked on the bunk bed.” Second, it means that business has progressed to the point where we NEED an office! The third reason is at the end of this post.

It’s been a long road, but not that long when we stop to remember that a year ago we were still testing the theory of producing escape games for students using testable standards. Would the students love it? Would the schools want us? Would the games make sense and accomplish what we hoped? The idea was good in theory, but could we execute it? The answer, thankfully, to all the above is YES! And so here we are, in our palatial, low rise office in Dana’s garage:

The chipped mug further evidence of our humble beginnings.

So last week, we purchased some shelving from Home Depot, acquired filing cabinets & bins, and even pulled the “oval office” rug out of retirement. We are all set to label the drawers and bins to help us keep track of our games, puzzles, and props. This may seem like a low-end operation, but it’s only low-end until it’s high-end, right? It’s all about attitude! Even Apple started in a garage. You HAVE to start somewhere! And we are pretty darn grateful to call this place our home base.

So, here is where you can imagine that the hamsters are back spinning the wheel and creating new games for your students to love. The coffee will be hot, the laughter loud, and, as always, God is at the forefront of everything we do so that our minds will stay unpretentious and focused where they need to be: On Him, on our families, and on this business we are so fortunate to have.

Finally, we really hesitate showing you the “before” pictures, but to appreciate the after photo above, you’ll need to see where we started. (Special thanks to Michelle and Brynley for helping with the grunt work of cleaning this mess!):

before picture

Cat litter on left; puzzles on right.

before bunks

The bunk beds were last to go.

The third and final reason this office is a blessing is because it keeps us humble. Working out of someone’s house gives us more reasons to laugh at ourselves. This morning, while trying to take the PERFECT photo for our social media outlets and this blog post, the family cat ran through and slammed into the perfectly-placed stool that was balancing the perfectly angled mug of hot coffee… and reminded us that yes, we may think we’re “movin’ on up,” but we are still just in someone’s converted garage:


For those of you who get this reference, “Waiter!”

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