While teachers are (hopefully) relaxing by the pool or going on tropical vacations, we are busy spinning the hamster wheel and getting new games ready for the coming school year. Don’t feel bad for us: WE LOVE IT!

Each module we develop in our super secret laboratory (pictured here) consists of a unit for each grade level from K-8. But here’s how THAT evolved, in case you haven’t read our FAQ page: When we started this company, we tested our ideas in Robin’s then second grade class. Appropriately, it was a 2nd grade unit developed using 2nd grade Common Core standards. We adjusted, revised, and perfected that darn 2nd grade unit until it shined, then we hoped to “shop it around” to schools interested in a second grade game. While we were waiting, Robin wrote a first and third grade game (just for fun). We hoped and prayed someone would want us to come to their classroom. Finally, the company’s first phone call came. This is how it went:

Dana: Good morning, Schoolhouse Escapes.
School: Hi, I’m interested in booking your escape games for my school.
Dana: GREAT! For what grade?
School: ALL of them.
Dana: Pardon me?

Not just the second grade game, but this school wanted all of the games (even the ones we hadn’t developed yet) for all the classes in all the grades. So, the next phone call was a bit more entertaining (for me) when I notified Robin that I didn’t book just one CLASS or one grade level; we had a reservation for an entire school. She needed to get to work writing the curriculum for the other grade levels. We had about three months notice, so we weren’t panicked–we were able to take the third grade Pirates module and expand it to include all the grades. And it turned out AMAZINGLY AMAZING.

So this summer, we are finishing Pirates by writing a 7th and 8th grade game, then we are moving on to our beloved Robots module that has been patiently waiting for us to get back and show it some love. After that, we are developing a module called Spies, then will add grade levels to our Christmas unit: How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas. At some point, we will also finish our time travel/geometry module: Back in Time.

schoolhouse escapes beginning

(I don’t mention this in front of Robin, but….. I’ve also already written the picture book for our upcoming Halloween/autumn module called “The Halloween Granny” and am so excited to write those games! She’s holding my feet to the fire, though, on all the other projects before she will let me develop this newest gem! But I’m not sure I can wait to share it with you!).

So, here we are in our elaborate office, working day and night to ensure that our beloved schools will have new games and themes and standards to enjoy in the upcoming 2018-19 school year. And look at the photo I included here. Perhaps this little company might be onto something!


See you soon!



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