SHE = School House Escapes, an acronym that was NOT intentional but suits our company better than expected, as you can see by the photo below!

SHE staffOur official “open” date (at least to our trademark attorney) is waaaaay back when we purchased our website domain and began timidly and unofficially advertising our idea a couple Junes ago. However, if we go by the date we produced and presented our first escape adventure game in a classroom (for, like, real money), we have been doing this only one year ago this month. And since that time, things have really changed!

Back when we first began, we were hoping, praying actually, for a phone call to reserve just one classroom. In fact, that’s all our collective brains could fathom–one sweet teacher (probably spending her own money) treating her class to a super fun escape game as a reward for being amazing students. Our first phone call, however, wasn’t for one class or even one grade level: It was for an entire school! And from that point forward, it’s been a wonderful whirlwind!

Our “one year” is slightly different from most businesses; we work only when schools are in session, so we share an “off season” with teachers: summer break. However, we don’t go dark during the summer. We use the summer months to develop new themes (called modules), write all new puzzles, develop new programs, and produce and perfect the games that our returning schools will be able to enjoy as soon as school begins again in the fall. Well, fall-ish.

August is technically still summer. Especially at our home office in Bakersfield.

So, it’s with a grateful heart that I find myself moving from year one into year two, but I didn’t do this alone. Not only do I have a stunning team of smart, kind, loving, dedicated gals working alongside me, I have had plenty of help along the way from God. Without Him, I’d not have a business at all. He dragged me (kicking and screaming) out of one business so He could bless me with another, and for that, I will always be eager to follow where He leads me.

So happy birthday, SHE… and thank you to everyone who has helped, had a bright idea, booked a game, left a review, given me legal advice, lifted me when I was exhausted, prayed for me, put up with me, celebrated every step, believed in me, or learned about what we do and said, I WANT THAT, TOO! I can’t wait to see what Year Two has in store for all of us! 😉



~Danaschoolhouse escapes turns one

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