Our family is growing.

When we started this company, it wasn’t with growth in mind. In fact, as I have mentioned in other blog posts, while we trusted that Bakersfield would love it and that eventually we would expand into our sister city, Fresno, we THOUGHT we would be doing it alone: driving 2 hours in my car, loaded with suitcases, traveling to schools by day and back home by night. It seemed a bit ominous, and, if I’m being genuine, I didn’t want to do it.

My personality is to take the easiest way possible, to make enough money to pay my employees well while we are having a GOOD time, and to pay the bills. I don’t have dreams of getting wealthy doing this; I like to be around kids, I like entertainment, and I love teachers. Anything we can do to give them a break while their kids have fun scores big with me.

However, that was not in God’s plan, as it turns out. This fall, our first affiliate in Arizona will host games at their first schools! Following closely thereafter, Louisiana. Florida is coming around slower, but that is due to my schedule, not a lack of enthusiasm on their part. We are also thinking about some exclusive games for our friends in Utah, but that’s for another blog post.  AND… we have a super secret new module that should be released sometime in 2020 that will make our games affordable to all schools in all areas.

So, although we will be traveling this fall, it’s only to train our new affiliates — not to BE the affiliates in each state. That isn’t anything I planned, but I am so thrilled and grateful that others want to bring this great program to their local schools, too.

This fall, look for us in your area. We will post regular updates and photos as we fly into new cities. And if you know me personally at all — you’ll know that the “flying” part will bring special entertainment most travelers don’t experience; TSA stories alone should make for some hilarious status updates.

Hilarious for the reader, not for the one being frisked.







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