Starting a business isn’t easy, and if you ask anyone who has ventured into the entrepreneurial world, they will tell you that their boss is a jerk most of the time: scatter-brained, unproductive, and maybe even a bit grouchy sometimes. Not that they mean to be–they have the best intentions, but when the success (or failure) of the business lays squarely on the shoulders of one person, that person can become overwhelmed, irritable and withdraw.

No? Maybe that’s just me, uh… my boss.

“It’s fine” or “It’ll be fine” are my favorite sayings of late when I remind myself “God, family… and THEN work.” With two new grandsons and daughters who need their mama’s help, I am not unlike the very people (teachers) whose lives we are trying to make better through Schoolhouse Escapes–busy, burning the candle at both ends, worrying about what I should be doing, trying to prioritize business with family and mostly failing miserably at it.

So this post doesn’t sound too grateful yet, does it?

Here it goes: Whether I am calling on schools, planning for the future, printing & packing the night before a school job, setting locks, ordering new cool stuff, or writing new games–I am reminded that this job and the people with whom I work are gifts to me. See, when I left the job I loved more than any other job on the planet, I didn’t foresee myself ever having so much fun again, but God decided to bless me with another job and a crew who not only supports me and wants to work here, but most of them are from my previous job and never miss an opportunity to remind me that they are HERE because of our haunted house experience together.

At our Christmas party this month, as we waited for everyone to arrive, our little resetters reminisced about haunting (even at Christmastime? YES!). I listened with awe as they recounted stories and good memories, smiling and laughing, wanting to do it all over again. In a particular moment of nostalgia, here’s what they said for which I am most grateful: “I wish I could quit my other job and work for you full-time,” and “We would follow you anywhere.”

Really? Who is lucky enough to hear THAT from former employees?

So, with renewed energy, focus, and a militant protectiveness over my work hours, I am surging forward on the next phase of Schoolhouse Escapes. Stay tuned… exciting news ahead!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Schoolhouse Escapes Christmas party. Santa delivered presents!

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