sh escapesAs you teachers are prepping (read: surviving) the end of the school year activities, we are EXCITED and so blessed to be a part of it! A number of schools have heard about our super fun games and have been ringing our little phone off the hook (see photo of our “hotline!”).

On Friday we are thrilled to be hosting our first sixth grade games, after which, the weeks surrounding Memorial Day we will be practically living at a local elementary school that has hired us to provide end-of-year FUN to all grade levels (including special needs!!). WE ARE SO EXCITED! We love to hang out with the staff while their kids see us on campus and KNOW they get to have fun with our games soon!

We love becoming a part of your campus for a week and have been having so much fun getting to know the teachers and administrators. Thank you for taking a peek at this page and inquiring about what we do.

One note: We follow-up each on-campus visit with a short 10-question survey to learn how you liked us and what recommendations you have, if any, as we move forward. We would also LOVE to post your “love” right here on our website, so when you receive the questionnaire, please feel free to leave your name (with your comments) if you wouldn’t mind taking your place on our Schoolhouse Walk of Fame. We treasure any feedback!


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