schoolhouse escapesThis┬ápast weekend, I attended Transworld’s Halloween & Attractions show in St. Louis, MO, but not for the reasons you may think (if you know me, then you know I love Halloween and haunted attractions). BUT this trade show featured Escape Room City, a section of the floor dedicated to all things “escape room,” and that’s why I was there!

(Ok, that’s partially why I was there. My love for Halloween attractions may have also played a role in booking my trip!)

We believe that constant education, bettering ourselves, staying current in the industry, and networking with others across the United States and Canada are essential in helping us develop the newest and best methods to bring new and unconventional educational opportunities to your students.

I took seven seminars at the show and met with vendors, who had AMAZING ideas to help with creation of some upcoming modules: from props to containers to implementing Gen II (aka high tech) devices into our games to provide the “wow” factor for the students.

In truth, the show is like Disneyland for haunted house/escape game owners and operators, it was fun AND educational, and I LOVED representing Schoolhouse Escapes and showing the industry what strides we are making, being innovative and original and leading the charge in THIS type of fun in education, right here from little ole Bakersfield, Calif.







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