bear tv

Here we are in Beardsley’s studio getting ready to go live on Bear TV!

So far, Schoolhouse Escapes has used only social media and personal contacts for marketing; we have been extraordinarily blessed that we haven’t had to rely on traditional paid marketing techniques yet to fill our appointment book with reservations. This week, we embark on an adventure gained through one of our old, treasured contacts, Mrs. Aimee Williamson, a principal in the Beardsley School District.

Mrs. Williamson changed schools this year, and, wanting to provide a fun (while educational) incentive for her new students, she reached out to us with an idea.

Aimee has hired Schoolhouse Escapes as a good behavior incentive once a month for the entire school year. Every four weeks, she draws the name of one classroom from all classes exhibiting good behavior for that period. Classrooms can earn one good behavior entry (ticket) a day if no one in their class has a referral and everyone in the class maintains a “C” or better that day for behavior. Already, Mrs. Williamson’s plan is working.

“They have started using peer pressure on each other to behave so they can get the tickets!” she said.

bear tv

Congratulations, Mrs. Oetkers!

We chose our first winning ticket last week live on Bear T.V., and if the deafening sound of cheering echoing through the hallways is any indication, we are guessing the rest of Beardsley Elementary will be on their best behavior in the following weeks so they will earn the chance of competing in their own escape game adventure, too. Congratulations to this month’s winner, Mrs. Oetkers’ 4th grade!

To inquire about good behavior incentives once per month or to have a Schoolhouse Escapes experience for your entire school, please send us a note on a pigeon HERE or a smoke signal HERE. We will get right back with you!

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