Field testing incentive programs proving successful

In September, we were happy to report that two schools who had helped us test our Good Behavior Incentive program during the 2018-2019 school year had BOTH come aboard again for the current school year! Yes!

When we are field testing either a game, an idea, or a program, we never know how it will be received or if it will stand up to our hypotheses. We often ask schools if we can conduct a free game on campus so we know if we are on the right track.

We now have enough information to report that last year’s incentive games were a hit. Both campuses that participated in the Good Behavior Incentive program asked us to return this school year and is exactly the type of feedback to make us feel confident that we have created more than a field trip or donut day; we are offering educational games that kids love so much they are willing to change their behavior for a chance to do one! And they don’t realize they are using skills they’ve learned in school.

Students enjoyed the incentive and adjusted their behavior to better their chances of winning the 60-minute monthly escape game for their class. We were on campus nine times per school, so not every class was able to win — which means that students HAD to use better judgement and turn in their homework in order to enter. And they had to do it collectively; no one could win unless everyone in the class was participating positively.

So, this year… we are hypothesizing again. Instead of using behavior as an incentive, both schools have agreed to put our Attendance Incentive program to work.

Early reports indicate that it’s a difficult contest for them. Having perfect attendance (and being to school on time) isn’t easy, but we are predicting an improvement over Beardsley’s and San Lauren’s attendance numbers from last year.

We will report back here with the final findings as soon as this school year’s numbers are in.

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