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boosting student learning through cooperative adventures

• Critical thinking
• Communication
• Collaboration
• Creativity

Designed to Reinforce Common Core Standards

Student led, hands-on problem solving &
Common Core standards-based games

All the Fun of a Field Trip Without Having to Leave School

High energy opportunities for students to practice grade level-acquired knowledge in real world scenarios

Back from Nashville & ready to roll!

We swear that the only reason Schoolhouse Escapes flew to Nashville was to attend Transworld's Room Escape Show and Convention. The. Only. Reason. We just managed to squeeze in some fun and touristy things while we were there! Lucky for us, our work is like a vacation...

A milestone’s a milestone

In my previous haunted house owner and operator life, I can remember watching social media numbers climb daily, and I'd monitor the pages with the expectancy of a soon-to-be-father watching the fetal monitor during his wife's active labor: Is that a new follower? Are...

How we’re spending our summer

While teachers are (hopefully) relaxing by the pool or going on tropical vacations, we are busy spinning the hamster wheel and getting new games ready for the coming school year. Don't feel bad for us: WE LOVE IT! Each module we develop in our super secret laboratory...

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