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boosting student learning through cooperative adventures

• Critical thinking
• Communication
• Collaboration
• Creativity

Designed to Reinforce Common Core Standards

Student led, hands-on problem solving &
Common Core standards-based games

All the Fun of a Field Trip Without Having to Leave School

High energy opportunities for students to practice grade level-acquired knowledge in real world scenarios

October is here and so is a new program!

Sooooo, we've been busy this school year already by (surprisingly) adding another new service for our clients! And the best part is, YOU asked for it! As you may have read in the last blog post, we have recently implemented a good behavior program, which looks...

Beardsley Elementary rewards good behavior!

So far, Schoolhouse Escapes has used only social media and personal contacts for marketing; we have been extraordinarily blessed that we haven't had to rely on traditional paid marketing techniques yet to fill our appointment book with reservations. This week, we...

New digs for Schoolhouse Escapes

We finally unpacked our office. This is a sign of progress and a blessing for three reasons. First, it means that we can stop living out of boxes, saying things like, "In which cardboard box are the clocks?" or "The new locks are over there beside the cat litter," and...

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